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A few good findings

Googlemania : Its got a number of google enabling utlities you can go through.Find page rank etc.

Some of the google patents :

30/01/2001 >> Patente US 6,526,440 >>

Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity: A search engine for searching a corpus improves the relevancy of the results by refining a standard relevancy score based on the interconnectivity of the initially returned set of documents. The search engine obtains an initial set of relevant documents by matching a user’s search terms to an index of a corpus. A re-ranking component in the search engine then refines the initially returned document rankings so that documents that are frequently cited in the initial set of relevant documents are preferred over documents that are less frequently cited within the initial set.

24/01/2001 >> Patente US 6,658,423 >>

Detecting duplicate and near-duplicate files: Improved duplicate and near-duplicate detection techniques may assign a number of fingerprints to a given document by (i) extracting parts from the document, (ii) assigning the extracted parts to one or more of a predetermined number of lists, and (iii) generating a fingerprint from each of the populated lists. Two documents may be considered to be near-duplicates if any one of their fingerprints match.

26/12/2000 >> Patente US 6,529,903 >>

Methods and apparatus for using a modified index to provide search results in response to an ambiguous search query: A system allows a user to submit an ambiguous search query and to receive potentially disambiguated search results. In one implementation, a search engine’s conventional alphanumeric index is translated into a second index that is ambiguated in the same manner as which the user’s input is ambiguated. The user’s ambiguous search query is compared to this ambiguated index, and the corresponding documents are provided to the user as search results.

06/10/2000 >> Patente US 6,615,209 >>

Detecting query-specific duplicate documents: An improved duplicate detection technique that uses query-relevant information to limit the portion(s) of documents to be compared for similarity is described. Before comparing two documents for similarity, the content of these documents may be condensed based on the query. In one embodiment, query-relevant information or text (also referred to as “snippets”) is extracted from the documents and only the extracted snippets, rather than the entire documents, are compared for purposes of determining similarity.

09/03/2000 >> Patente US 6,678,681 >>

Information extraction from a database: Techniques for extracting information from a database are provided. A database such as the Web is searched for occurrences of tuples of information. The occurrences of the tuples of information that were found in the database are analyzed to identify a pattern in which the tuples of information were stored. Additional tuples of information can then be extracted from the database utilizing the pattern. This process can be repeated with the additional tuples of information, if desired.

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