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AppSecInc. Community MSI Extensions

Project Description

AppSecInc. Community MSI Extensions is a collection of MSI custom actions and WIX extensions that extend Windows installer, originally developped by Application Security Inc. for a large enterprise product, and open-sourced in late 2009. The project grew incrementally implementing everything that wix didn’t have out of the box. Code is fully unit-tested.

Using AppSecInc. MSI Extensions

This is a free project. We’re asking that you please spend a minute replying to Are you using AppSecInc. MSI extensions?.

Wix Extensions

  • System Tools: deals with copying, moving, deleting files out of sequence, compare versions, execute commands, process template files, copy registry keys, etc.
  • Java Tools: deals with jar and unjar.
  • Data Sources: deals with generic ODBC and specific MSAccess and MSSQL databases, SQL files, etc.
  • User Privileges: deals with local users and groups.
  • Common UI: dialogs for installing Windows services and databases with credentials.

Immediate Custom Actions

  • Manipulating files, folders, registry, services.
  • String template and regex processing.
  • Active Directory functions.
  • ODBC and DMO functions.
  • Local users, groups, security and privileges.
  • Encryption, decryption, signing.
  • Xml file manipulation.
  • TcpIp functions.

Additional Features

  • Supports impersonation in all custom actions.




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