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Predixis ,Music IP,Acoustic fingerprint,evolution & Niche Markets…

There was a software called Predixis that was once bundled with WinAMP, being a WinAMP user from the 1990’s I had checked it out,it was something that analyzed your music and automatically created play list for you.I wondered why it was taking too much time to analyze my music collection, I was assuming something magical was going to happen but something called Acoustic fingerprinting was taking place.

Predixis suddenly vanished from WinAMP after a couple of years and I forgot about it, later when my music collection was being reorganized I decided to find if Predixis was still available , but it had vanished ? puff no it became MusicIP.

(MusicIP was founded in 2000 as a division of the Parasoft Corporation) then it became AmpliFIND Music Services.

AmpliFIND Music Services (formerly MusicIP) provides a complete digital-music platform, with scalable services and products for every major industry niche. Founded in 2000 as MusicIP, AmpliFIND Music Services provides solutions that connect listeners, artists and enterprises.

For music enterprises, AmpliFIND provides a complete framework for providing track identification and music discovery, spanning from consumer-electronics devices to large-scale label and commerce applications. Consumers can rediscover their music and discover new music with MusicIP’s amazing playlist firmware in partner devices, and in the company’s free MusicIP Mixer for all desktop platforms.

They had open sourced their music fingerprinting technology in order to encourage wide adoption.  The code is here:  MusicDNS.org the choice of licenses looks reasonable.

Well what we see here is the evolution of a technology company through the wave of  events that define the moment.Sometimes you do not stop by you evolve what ever your Niche Markets may be….

DOWNLOAD MusicIP Mixer here








  1. Anonymous
    18/11/2010 at 11:05 PM

    it is a sad story that music ip mixer isn’t developed anymore.. it is a real good product

  2. BlueGrass
    14/07/2011 at 7:14 AM

    Yeah, I used to have this program but seem to have misplaced it. It was great. I first used the Winamp version, and then actually bought the standalone full version.

    All these links are basically dead. Does anyone know what happened to this platform?

  3. Jason
    05/02/2014 at 2:57 AM

    I really liked that plugin, unfortunately winamp dropped it and replaced it with one by Gracenote, which never worked for me at all the couple of times I tried it.

    The standalone IP Mixer program had the same functionality, but the program had a somewhat crappy interface (for instance, when I tried it, it would almost always forget the sizing/spacing/sorting of the various sections of the music library. And while the program still works (as does the plugin, if you can find it), it can’t analyze and store any new music (or recently discovered old music) that wasn’t in the database before it stopped being maintained 3 or 4 years ago.

    If Amplifind still owns this technology, they should try to sell it to someone who actually has interest in developing it. Predxis/IP was by far the best at analyzing and creating playlists, far better that mufin, Google Play, or the several other programs and sutes that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

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