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iTag: Photo Tagging Software



  • Embed photo and movie files with Title, Description, Rating and Keywords.
  • Supports JPEG, TIFF, RAW, WMV and AVI file types
  • Uses industry standard IPTC and XMP headers to embed the metadata losslessly.
  • Adjust timestamps of photos (screenshot)
  • Geocode your photos and movies by embedding GPS coordinates using Google Earth (screenshot)
  • Search for tagged files with iTag’s powerful search engine using keyword, rating, filename or even a street address if you have geocoded photos (screenshot)
  • Search for files that are missing tags
  • Generate Cooliris walls for your local photos and movies
  • Tagged photos are recognised by online services like Flickr, search tools such as Picasa and Copernic and many more

URL: http://www.itagsoftware.com/index.php

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