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UIQ3 Devs…..then and now….

UIQ3 is dead,long live UIQ3

UIQ (formerly known as User Interface Quartz) by UIQ Technology is a software platform based upon Symbian OS. Essentially this is a graphical user interface layer that provides additional components to the core OS, to enable the development of feature-rich mobile phones that are open to expanded capabilities through third-party applications.

Native applications can be written in C++ using the Symbian/UIQ SDK. All UIQ-based phones (2.x and 3.x) also support Java applications.

UIQ Technology

Peter Molin
WAS:  Chief Technology Officer, UIQ Technology. (Ref #1)
NOW: Co-founder at Malvacom

Peter Wikström
WAS: Head of Developer Program at UIQ Technology AB
NOW: Malvacom

Andreas Claesson
WAS:  Software Engineer at UIQ Technology
NOW: raviteq.com

Magnus Gideryd
WAS:  Software Engineer at UIQ Technology

Thy Lan Dinh Tran
WAS:  Software Engineer at UIQ Technology
NOW: Boss Media AB [UPDATE : Software tester på Fujitsu]

Lars Westrup
WAS:  Release Engineer at UIQ Technology
NOW:Produkt och Support ansvarig | SvenskTalteknologi

Patrick Olsson of Sony Ericsson announced on October 21, 2008 at the Smartphone Show 2008 in London that UIQ didn’t make it,[2] it didn’t attract the operator, manufacturer or consumer interest needed to stop it failing.[3] At the start of January, 2009 the UIQ company filed for bankruptcy.[4]

Read the rest at http://my-symbian.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=31

LAST UPDATED: 9/28/2014

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