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The Coherent UI WPF and WinForms controls allow for a robust and secure web browsing experience with full support for the latest web technologies – HTML5, CSS3, WebRTC, Local storage etc. They provide offscreen rendering so you can apply all kinds of WPF transformations and effects on the images created by the controls freely.

The Coherent UI .NET Browser controls are fully cross platform supporting Windows x86 and x64 applications as well as Mac OS X and Linux through Mono GTK#.


  • .NET API
  • WPF browser control
  • WinForms browser control
  • MonoGTK browser control
  • SharpDX integration
  • SlimDX integration
  • XNA integration
  • Cross platform – Windows 32/64 bit, Mac OS X, Linux


NoesisGUI is a user interface framework built on hardware accelerated vector graphics. It offer a modern and elegant approach to the problem of user interface in realtime applications.No more static and outdated user interfaces. No more wasting of programming resources for the UI. Give your artist team the freedom they need to reach maximum creativity in a workflow based on XAML tools. The visual appearance and flexibility of NoesisGUI is of such high quality that once you start using it you won’t go back.

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