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Which IBM hardware can run which OS ?

pSeries (POWER-based Platform, currently P8): AIX (=IBMs UNIX), Linux (SuSe, Ubuntu), iOS (formerly known as AS/400)
zSeries (mainframes): z/OS (replaced MVS, OS/390 and VM), z/Linux
xSeries (=Intel-compatible): Linux and everything else running on Intel-systems.
pSeries systems can use either the IBM hypervisor which runs iOS-, AIX- and Linux-LPARs or (only Power8) the Power-KVM (=Linux’ KVM adapted for pSeries) with Linux-Systems as LPARs. Notice, however, that Power-KVM has a slightly smaller throughput than IBMs hypervisor.
zSeries can run z/OS and z/Linux
For xSeries the same as for any Intel-compatible PC applies.

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