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Android is not backward compatible

Newer releases from Google do not have an upgrade path for older older phones running older versions of  Android , mainly because Google only has
a model phone nexus they work with and the other phone manufactures are supposed to provide an upgrade path.

How long will this delivery model continue ?

Basically older phones work and some phone don’t just go out and buy a new phone each year when the older one just works fine.

Phone manufacturers don’t usually expect Apple (which is doing it the correct way) don’t have any intention of supporting new version of Android on their older phones.

Security wise this is a major screw up for Android which cannot be termed as a platform with this factor.

Main reason being the lack of resources from Google and Phone Manufactures who make billion out of the Phone but do not care about security and keeping
the consumer safe. (Would you buy a unsafe car?


Composite UI Framework for Windows Mobile

An application framework for developing composite user interfaces (similar to Silverlight/WPF) on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. It contains controls and graphic primitives that support rotation, scaling, animation, behaviours and transitions. Make awesome looking WinMo apps.

Details here

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