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PDF Conversion Services & Engines Vendor List

I had to evalualte a  few commerical PDF conversion engines some time back for a project. Basically Microsoft Word and other Office formats where required to be converted for futher processing for a solution for a paperless office project. One of the requirements was to support proper Right to Left (RTL) support (Arabic etc) and it could be automated and have API access for embedding.

Below is a list of vendor, note that the approach taken by the vendors are diffrenet in some cases and you need to consider these when it comes to your solutions options and how the jell.




Web Service Generator for Databases

I was looking for a tool that would generate XML web services for my database (Currently I found)

  1. Web Service Generator for Databases
  2. Web Service Generator for Databases by fly-net

The other way is to well start from scratch and use WCF Data services , their are some sample on the blog you can follow on how to expose the database, it uses the visual studio as the wizard.

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