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The Mysterious Case of the Dissapearance of the Start Menu.

Missing Start Menu 2013

This report is being filed into the investigation as to why the Start Menu and Bar went missing.This investigation began in the year 2009 and spanned 4 years and 3 days. We begin by listing out in reverse chronological order our findings on disappearance of the Start Menu. The aim is to understand the complex chain of events,people involved and the reasons that resulted in the disappearance of the Start Menu.

The start menu and bar went missing and never was found.Fakes who claimed to be the Start Menu came forward in multiple numbers.Some say that the below chronology of events had a direct impact and the disappearance was targeted at the Mouse Industry of which the Start Menu was a key proponent.Some say the Original Start Menu may return ?  Only time will tell.

12-11-2012:   Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft on November 12, 2012 without the Start Menu.

26-10-2012Microsoft launched Windows 8 ( without Start Menu) and the Microsoft Surface.

18-06-2012: Microsoft announced the Microsoft Surface, the first computer in the company’s history to have its hardware made by Microsoft themselves.Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft. It was announced on June 18, 2012, by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at Milk Studios in Los Angeles

05-01-2012Microsoft officially announced support for ARM chipsets in the next version of Windows at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. (Windows RT)

13-09-2011: Microsoft unveiled new Windows 8 features and improvements on the first day of the BUILD conference.

01-06-2011: Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8’s new user interface as well as additional features at the Taipei Computex 2011 in Taipei (Taiwan) by Mike Angiulo and at the D9 conference in California (United States) by Julie Larson-Green and Microsoft’s Windows President Steven Sinofsky.This is when it was first reported that the Start Menu was missing.People began to look for it but it was never found.

03-04-2010: Apple release first iPad

2009: Windows 8 development started before Windows 7 had shipped  in 2009.

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New Old Kids on the Block/Fork

The war over free software in the cooperate world has a few wounded developers.With never ending forks and bend in the road over code..will these new old kids on the block emerge out into the light over the coming years.Only the adoption count can tell…

LibreOffice (The new “Open Office”)

LibreOffice is a productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites, and available on a variety of platforms. It is free software and therefore free to download, use and distribute.

illumos (The new OpenSolaris)

illumos aspires to be the community built and maintained version of Oracle’s OpenSolaris code. illumos replaces the closed binaries from the upstream code, and aims to closely follow upstream releases – allowing continued independant development.

(The new MySQL’s)

Drizzle (database server)

Drizzle is a free software/open source database management system (DBMS) that was forked from version 6.0 of the MySQL DBMS.

Like MySQL, Drizzle has a client/server architecture and uses SQL as its primary command language. Drizzle is distributed under version 2 and 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL) with portions, including the protocol drives and replication messaging under the BSD.


MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL1. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server optimizations, and patches.

MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company founded by Michael “Monty” Widenius, the original author of MySQL, but this is not the whole story about MariaDB. On the “About MariaDB” page you will find more information about all participants in the MariaDB community, including storage engines XtraDB and PBXT.

Percona Server

Percona Server is a fork of the MySQL database that includes the XtraDB storage engine. It is an enhanced version of the MySQL database server that is fully compatible, and deviates as little as possible from it, while still providing beneficial new features, better performance, and improved instrumentation for analysis of performance and usage.

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Predixis ,Music IP,Acoustic fingerprint,evolution & Niche Markets…

24/08/2010 4 comments

There was a software called Predixis that was once bundled with WinAMP, being a WinAMP user from the 1990’s I had checked it out,it was something that analyzed your music and automatically created play list for you.I wondered why it was taking too much time to analyze my music collection, I was assuming something magical was going to happen but something called Acoustic fingerprinting was taking place.

Predixis suddenly vanished from WinAMP after a couple of years and I forgot about it, later when my music collection was being reorganized I decided to find if Predixis was still available , but it had vanished ? puff no it became MusicIP.

(MusicIP was founded in 2000 as a division of the Parasoft Corporation) then it became AmpliFIND Music Services.

AmpliFIND Music Services (formerly MusicIP) provides a complete digital-music platform, with scalable services and products for every major industry niche. Founded in 2000 as MusicIP, AmpliFIND Music Services provides solutions that connect listeners, artists and enterprises.

For music enterprises, AmpliFIND provides a complete framework for providing track identification and music discovery, spanning from consumer-electronics devices to large-scale label and commerce applications. Consumers can rediscover their music and discover new music with MusicIP’s amazing playlist firmware in partner devices, and in the company’s free MusicIP Mixer for all desktop platforms.

They had open sourced their music fingerprinting technology in order to encourage wide adoption.  The code is here: the choice of licenses looks reasonable.

Well what we see here is the evolution of a technology company through the wave of  events that define the moment.Sometimes you do not stop by you evolve what ever your Niche Markets may be….

DOWNLOAD MusicIP Mixer here